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Sonics VCX-130 Ultrasonic Processor



The Sonics VCX-130 Ultrasonic Processor, 130 watts, 20kHz with SONCV18 converter and SON630-0435 6mm probe

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The Sonics VCX-130 Ultrasonic Processor is suitable for small volume applications. It includes an energy meter, variable power output control, a 1 second to 10 hour timer plus a programmable (1 to 59 seconds) pulser to safely process a wide range of organic and inorganic materials from 150 microlitres to 150 millilitres. Typical applications include biotechnology and pharmaceutical processing (mixing, dispersion and sample preparation). Remote actuation is possible via the optional footswitch.

For working with any sonicator within a laboratory environment we recommend enclosing the probe assembly within a sound abating chamber.

The standard 6mm probe is suitable for processing volumes from 10 to 50ml. To process volumes smaller than 10ml or larger than 50ml a different probe would be required (please contact us to discuss your requirements).

3 Year Warranty


Energy monitor

Digital wattmeter

Automatic tuning

Automatic amplitude compensation

Microprocessor based – programmable

Ten hour timer

1.59 second independent ON/OFF pulser

Elapsed time indicator

Variable power output control

Remote actuation and foot-switch compatible power supply

Autoclavable standard probe



Net Power Output     130W, Frequency 20kHz

Dimensions; H x W x D (mm)     115 x 250 x 320

Weight (Kg)     3

Timer     Variable from 1 second to 10 hours

Pulser     On and Off cycles (independently controllable from 1 second to 59 seconds)

Remote actuation     Compatible

Footswitch     Compatible. Can be run continuously, timed or in a pulsing mode

CONVERTER (Part No. CV 18)

Piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate crystals (PZT)

STANDARD PROBE (Part No. SON630-0435)

Diameter (mm)     32

Length (mm)     146

Weight (g)     340

Cable Length (m)     1.5

Tip Diameter (mm)     6

Processing Capability (ml)     0.2 to 10

Note: Optional probes are available to extend the capacity to 150ml 

Length (mm)     138 

Construction     Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, autoclavable


Unless otherwise requested, units are shipped wired for 230V, 50/60Hz with a UK plug. Please specify desired voltage option if not for use in the UK


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Sonics VCX-130 Ultrasonic Processor

SonicsVCX UltrasonicProcessor