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KERN OCM 167 Compound (Inverted) Microscope



Model OCM 167 Compound (Inverted) microscope is ideal for the research and breeding of cell and tissue cultures. It is supplied with trinocular head, infinity plan objectives and LED transmitted and incident illumination types.

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The Kern OCM 167 Compound (Inverted) Microscope offers an ergonomic, robust and stable benchtop microscope. Includes a trinocular eyepiece and dust cover, with further options available for your individual applications, such as a selection of eyepieces, objectives, specimen holders and other phase contrast units. With a large working distance and optimum incident and transmitted LED illumination, the OCM 167 offers an advanced user experience compared to the OCM 165 model. It is ideal for sample viewing in flasks, petri dishes and microtitre plates, as well as challenging samples that are thin, translucent and/or low-contrast (e.g. living mammal cells, tissue, microorganisms, Immunofluorescence, FISH, DAPI staining and more).

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  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • Trinocular eyepiece
  • Large working distance of 72 mm ideal for researching cell and tissue cultures
  • Specimen holder (∅ 110 mm)
  • Bright and adjustable 5 W blue green LED illumination
  • Additional Osram 100W-HBO Epi fluorescence illumination unit available as a fluorescence microscope
  • Special Abbe N.A. 0.3 condenser with aperture diaphragm
  • Variety of accessories available
  • C-mount adapter required to connect a camera


  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 782×304×530 mm
  • Optical system: Infinity
  • Tube type: Trinocular
  • Ocular magnifications: 10x
  • Ocular visual field: 22 mm
  • Standard objectives: 10×, 20×, 40×, PH 20×
  • Lens quality: Infinity Plan
  • Illumination type and intensity: 5 W blue green LED, incident and transmitted
  • Focusing mechanism: Coaxial coarse and fine drive (minimum 0.002 mm)


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KERN OCM 167 Compound (Inverted) Microscope