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Hanna HI-2020 edge® Multi-parameter Meter with Electrodes and Probes



The versatile and lightweight Hanna edge® pH meter can be used as a portable, wall-mounted or bench top meter. The battery life lasts up to 8 hours when used as a portable meter.

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The HI-2020 Edge® measures pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen through its digital electrodes. These digital electrodes are auto-recognised, providing sensor type, calibration data and a serial number when connected to edge® (with plug-in 3.5mm connector).

The electrode holder features a swivel, adjustable arm with built-in cradle to hold edge pH meter securely in place at optimum viewing angle.

Supplied with bench-top stand; electrode holder; bracket for wall-mount; USB cable; power adaptor; instruction manual.

edge® pH kit: HI-11310 digital pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor; sachets of pH 4.01, 7.01, 10.01 buffer solutions; sachet of electrode cleaning solution.

Optional accessories include:

edge® DO kit: HI-764080 dissolved oxygen electrode, HI7041S refill electrolyte solution, DO membrane caps, o-rings.

edge® EC kit: HI-763100 conductivity probe; 1413, 12880, 5000 µS/cm conductivity standard sachets; electrode rinse solution sachets.


  • Two USB Ports: One standard USB for exporting data to a flash drive and one micro USB port for exporting files to your computer as well as for charging when the cradle is not available.
  • Data Logging: Store up to 1000 log records of data. Data sets include readings, GLP data, date and time.
  • GLP: Data of the last calibration you perform is stored in the sensor including the date, time and buffers used. When the sensor is connected to Edge, GLP data is automatically transferred.
  • CAL Check™: Features Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check™ technology to warn you if the electrode bulb is not clean or if the buffers are contaminated during calibration.
  • Capacitive Touch Keypad: Gives a distinctive, modern look. Since the keypad is part of the screen, your buttons can never get clogged with sample residue.
  • Easy to Read LCD: 14cm LCD display that you can clearly view from over 5m. The large display, with its wide 150°C viewing angle, provides one of the easiest to read LCDs in the industry.
  • Zero Footprint: Using the wall mount cradle (included), Edge can be placed on a wall, leaving zero footprint on the benchtop space. The cradle has a built-in connector to power and charge the batteries.
  • Sleek Design: Incredibly thin and lightweight, Edge measures just 12mm thick and weighs just 250g.


pH Measurement:

Basic & Standard Mode: – 2.00 to 16.00 pH; -2.000 to 16.000 pH (standard mode)

Resolution: 0.01 pH, 0.001 pH (standard mode)

Accuracy (at 25°C): ± 0.01 pH, ± 0.002 pH (standard mode)


pH Calibration:

5 points (standard mode) and two custom buffers: 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45

3 points (basic mode): 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01

pH Temperature Compensation: ATC: -5 to 100°C; 23 to 212°F


mV pH Measurement:

Range: ±1000 mV

Resolution: 0.1 mV

Accuracy (at 25°C): ±0.2 mV


EC Measurement:

Range: 0.00 to 29.99 µS/cm; 30.0 to 299.9 µS/cm; 300 to 2999 µS/cm; 3.00 to 29.99 mS/cm; 30.0 to 200.0 mS/cm; up to 500.0 mS/cm absolute EC (with temperature compensation function disabled)


Resolution: 0.01 µS/cm; 0.1 µS/cm; 1 µS/cm; 0.01 mS/cm; 0.1 mS/cm

Accuracy (at 25°C): ±1% of reading (±0.5 µS or 1 digit, whichever is greater)


TDS Measurement:

Range: 0.00 to 14.99 mg/L (ppm); 15.0 to 149.9 mg/L (ppm); 150 to 1499 mg/L (ppm); 1.50 to 14.99 g/L; 15.0 to 100.0 g/L; up to 400.0 g/L absolute TDS using 0.80 conversion factor (with temperature compensation function disabled)


Resolution: 0.01 mg/L (ppm); 0.1 mg/L (ppm); 1 (ppm); 0.01 g/L; 0.1 g/L

Accuracy (at 25°C): ±1% of reading (±0.03 ppm or 1 digit, whichever is greater)


DO Measurement:

Range: 0.00 to 45.00 ppm (mg/L); 0.0 to 300.0 % saturation

Resolution: 0.01 ppm (mg/L); 0.1 % saturation

Accuracy (at 25°C): ± 1.5% of reading ±1 digit


Temperature Measurement:

Range: -20 to 120°C, -4 to 248°F

Resolution: 0.1°C, 0.1°F

Accuracy: ± 0.5°C, ± 0.9°F


GLP: Yes

Logging: Stores up to 1000 records: 200 records (log-on-demand and stability logging)

Connectivity: 1 micro USB port for charging and PC connectivity; 1 USB port for storage

Environment: 0 to 50°C, RH max. 95% non-condensing

Power Supply: 5 VDC adapter (included)

Dimensions: 202 x 140 x 12mm

Weight: 250g


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Hanna HI-2020 edge® Multi-parameter Meter with Electrodes and Probes

Hanna HI-2020 edge® Multi-parameter Meter with Electrodes and Probes