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A&D MX-50 Moisture Analyser



Moisture balance using halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology to determine moisture content faster than using Karl Fischer techniques. Accurate to 0.001g

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Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and innovative SRA technology

Straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating

High repeatability
With SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) featured as the weight sensor, ultra-accurate moisture content determination is possible based on high precision weighing of even a small sample
Standard WinCT-Moisture for real-time graph displaying
WinCT-Moisture is an original software application designed to display a graph of moisture content rate change while measuring with a connected PC
Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate comes as standard for accuracy checking
Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate is a chemical material that has stable moisture content of 15.66%, and thus is best to use for accuracy check to maintain the reference value of the analyser

Calibration of the heater temperature
With the temperature calibrator (optional), calibration result can be output in the format that conforms to GLP, GMP, ISO

Memory function
According to the sample up to 20 suitable measurement conditions can be stored and recalled, which saves time and prevents the user from making a mistake when setting. For measurement result, up to 100 data can be stored and output at once

Five measurement programs

Standard Mode  Just measurement accuracy, HI, MID or LO needs to be set
Automatic Mode  Ends measurement when moisture content changes at a rate less than the set rate
Quick Mode  Begins heating samples at 200C for 3 minutes, then is the same as Automatic Mode
Timer Mode  Continues measurement for a set duration of time (1-60min by 1min, 60-480min by 5min)
Manual Mode  STOP button should be pressed to end measurement (Max. heating time 480min)

Selectable Heating Mode
Choose the heating mode from standard, quick, step and ramp heating modes for the most suitable measurement
Clear and easy-to-see, large VFD display
Measurement, setting value, change in moisture content, action status, data number and other important information are clearly displayed

Easy handling of the unit
Ergonomically designed pan handle eliminates mishaps such as burns when moving a hot sample pan into or out of the unit from either side. Wing handle for easy opening and closing of the heater cover

Low maintenance cost assured
The halogen lamp is user replaceable without unit downtime with protective chamber for easy cleaning (lamp life 5000 hours)


Progress window for heating check

Heating process can be checked through translucent window

Self Check function

Defect check function is available along with temperature control

Quick Reference Card

A convenient operating guide is installed at the bottom of the analyser

Standard RS-232C

Bi-directional communication with a PC or connects directly to a printer

Conformity to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO with date/time, ID, calibration data and check record outputs

Data output for daily record management


Measurement Method 400W straight halogen lamp heating system with SRA filter
and SHS weighing technology
Max. Sample Weight Capacity (g) 51
Weight Resolution (g) 0.001
Moisture Content Display (%) 0.01/0.1
Standard Deviation over 1g/over 5g (%) 0.1/0.02
Heating Technology Halogen lamp (Straight type, 400 Watt max, 5000 hours)
Drying Temperature (1°C increment) (°C) 50-200
Memory of Measurement Programs 20 sets
Measurement Programs Standard Mode/Automatic Mode/Quick Mode/Timer Mode/Manual Mode
Measurement Modes Moisture content (Wet or Dry base)/Dry content/Ratio/Weight
Heating Modes Standard/Quick/Step/Ramp
Display Type Large VFD
Interface RS-232C standard
Data Memory Function 100
GLP/GMP/ISO Available
Self Check Function Standard
Communication Software WinCT-Moisture standard
Sample Pan Size, Ø (mm) 85
Power AC 100V to 120V (3A) or AC 200V to 240V (1.5A), 50/60 Hz, Approx. 400W
Dimension; W x D x H (mm) 215 x 320 x 173
Weight (Kg) 6
Standard Accessories Sample Pans (20), Pan Handles (2), Tweezers, Spoon, Test Sample (30g of Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate, CD-ROM (WinCT-Moisture), Glass Fibre Sheet, RS-232C Cable, Display Cover, Dust Cover, Instruction Manual, Quick Reference Card, Power Cable, Fuse


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A&D MX-50 Moisture Analyser

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