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NEW Colony Counters

Now available from Medline Scientific

New to our microbiology portfolio, we can now offer our customers manual and automatic colony counters to support accurate and efficient colony counting.

Keep reading to learn more about the Count Colony Counter and the automatic colonyQuant Colony Counter from Schuett, and contact us to discuss your requirements: enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.

Schuett Count Colony Counter

Designed for quick, efficient, and accurate counting of bacterial colonies. The Count Colony Counter features LED illumination with three modes: from below, from the side, and from the top (optional top light required).

Suitable for counting bacterial colonies growing in Petri dishes (on agar), on filter disks and nutrient disks*, and phage plaques on agar.

  • Count colonies 0 to 9999 in Petri dishes of 60 to 150mm diameter* (90mm as standard)
  • Simple keypad adjustment of pressure sensitivity, light intensity, and acoustic count signal
  • 4-digit LED display
  • USB for data transfer
  • Easy adjustment of count total
  • Average determination for up to 99 values (max. 32,500 colonies)

Supplied with adapter for 90mm Petri dishes, black contrast disc, and felt-tip marker pen.
*Adapters required for transparent media, filter discs/agar, 50-60mm Petri dishes, and 140-150mm Petri dishes.

View catalogue page for more information.

Schuett colonyQuant Automatic Colony Counter

For rapid and reliable counting, the colonyQuant can be set and calibrated for different types of colonies and agars/nutrient disks within minutes. Ideal for high throughput requirements such as microbiology labs: process up to 400 Petri dishes per hour.

Suitable for agar plates, nutrient disks, filters, plaque assays, inhibition zone analysis, spiral plating*, drop plates*, and lanes*. Fluorescent colonies can be evaluated with the 366nm UV light source (e.g. MPV tests in plates*).

  • Ideal for Ames tests and water samples
  • LED illumination can be selected: from below, from the side, or from the top
  • High-definition colour camera and light-proof sample chamber
  • Windows based software
  • Suitable for mixed cultures: Separates up to 8 colours
  • GLP conformity; LIMS-compatible

The original image, the evaluated image, and the set parameters are automatically stored. Analysis reports can be printed, and all data exported to a LIM system.

In accordance with GLP, certain functions are password protected and the software has three levels: administrator, controller, and operator. The name of the operator, batch, and sample number are automatically stored with the analysis results.

The colonyQuant can be supplied with or without a laptop, and with a choice of camera.
*Adapters required.

View catalogue page and contact us to discuss your application.

For more information or to view other products and services for microbiology workflows, please view our catalogue. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your requirements and request a quotation: 01865 400321 | enquiries@medlinescientific.co.uk.