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Hettich’s centrifuges are well designed, ergonomic and will provide years of reliable service. They have been proven to be of excellent use for many different applications in the past 100 years. Today, Hettich is one of the top manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges in the world and they offer a wide range of models from floor-standing and below-bench to bench top models. Here are examples of two products within the extensive range.

MIKRO 200 and 200R Bench Top Centrifuges MIKRO 200 and 200R Benchtop Centrifuges

The MIKRO 200 is a compact high-speed centrifuge that can hold up to 30 reaction tubes per run and the MIKRO 200R is the refrigerated version. The high-performance cooling system in the MIKRO 200R enables temperatures to be set anywhere in the range -10 °C to +40 °C so it can be used for molecular biology applications in which a high acceleration and low temperatures are required. The pre-cooling program brings the rotor chamber of the centrifuge down to the required temperature. The maximum RCF is 21,382xg.

ROTINA 420 and 420R Bench Top CentrifugesROTINA 420 and 420R Benchtop Centrifuges

The ROTINA 420 is a reliable tool in everyday laboratory work. It can handle larger volumes, yet is compact and integrates well into the laboratory. It will provide many years of reliable operation and, therefore, offers an excellent ratio of price to performance. The ROTINA 420R is the refrigerated version.

The ROTINA 420/420R can be used to centrifuge large volumes and deal with high numbers of samples in an efficient manner: Its maximum capacity of 4 x 600ml tubes, 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtitre plates makes it suitable for use in medical diagnostics (clinical chemistry). It is also a reliable tool for use in biotechnology research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Bioseal lids are attached to the carriers with a convenient single-hand clamp lock.

The ROTINA 420R maintains the set temperature to safeguard the integrity of samples. The temperature can be set between -20°C and +40 °C.

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