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RBS B110 / Surface cleaning and decontamination Spray



RBS B110 / Ready to use Surface cleaning and decontamination Solution supplied in 1 Litre spray bottles

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RBS B 110 is a ready-to-use neutral cleaning solution designed for gentle cleaning of surfaces made of stainless steel, aluminium, mineral glass and organic glass such as Plexiglas. It is suitable for the removal of dust, fingerprints and fatty stains. Its exclusive composition based on quaternary ammonium compounds provides optimal cleanliness and appreciable antistatic properties.

RBS B 110 is free from alcohol that may cause cracks in Plexiglas especially with long term use.


Ready-to-use solution – Spray & wipe

– Alcohol free
– Antistatic properties
– Compatible with all material


Use instruction and concentration
Spray the solution of RBS B 110 on the surface to be cleaned. Let act for a while and wipe with an
absorbent rag. Repeat this operation if necessary.
Physical and chemical properties
Colourless foaming translucent liquid, odourless
– pH 100%: 7.5
– Density at 20°C: 0.999
Safety and advice
Do not mix with other products. Read the Material
Safety Data Sheet before use.


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RBS B110 / Surface cleaning and decontamination Spray

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