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LEEC GA2010 150 Litre CO2 Incubator



The LEEC GA2010 150 Litre CO2 Incubator features simple controls but includes advanced features.

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Advanced Microprocessor Control
The specially developed microprocessor controller gives the user day to day control over all alarm settings, alarm delay and calibration adjustment. These settings are protected by an anti-tampering procedure. Sensors placed within key areas of the chamber constantly monitor and enable the control system to optimise temperature and CO2 levels. After door opening, the culture conditions quickly recover without overshoot, and stable control is maintained. Profiled heating, a technique developed by LEEC, eliminates all risk of hot-spots.

In-Vivo Simulation
The advanced LEEC-20.2 microprocessor combined with the ducted
airflow system ensures that temperature and CO2 stabilities (typically
+0.1°C and ±0.2%) are maintained to the tightest tolerances in order
to give optimum in-vivo simulation.



Microprocessor control with soft touch panel

Bright LED digital displays for temperature and CO2

Comprehensive alarm system (audible and visual) monitors all critical functions


Stainless steel outer cabinet for longer life

Ultra smooth stainless steel chamber helps contamination control

Adjustable levelling feet

Two cable access ports

Heating and Safety

Built-in cooling coil can be connected to a source of chilled water for operation close to or below ambient temperature

High and low alarm warnings (temperature and CO2)

Independent over-temperature safety cutout with failsafe

Remote alarm connections (volt-free, N/0, N/C)

Contamination Control

Unidirectional airflow

HEPA filter removes airborne contaminants

Indirectly heated inner glass door prevents condensation


Chamber Capacity (L) 150
Temperature (°C)
Range Ambient +5 to +60
Control 0.1 @ 37°C
Stability ±0.2 @ 37°C
CO2 Control (%)
Range 0 to 20
Control ±0.2
CO2 Sensor TC
Humidity (RH%) Up to 95 @ 37°C
Dimensions; W x H x D (mm)
Chamber 600 x 510 x 500
External 880 x 635 x660


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LEEC GA2010 150 Litre CO2 Incubator