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Biochrom Asys Atlantis 2-Microplate Washer for 96-well Plates

SKU: BIOG021101


This machine has up to 4 different channels and bottles allowing flexible configurations, e.g., 3 wash and 1 rinse or 4 different wash solutions

  • 8-channel manifold supplied for 96-well plates with standard ANSI SBS footprint. Optional 16-channel manifold for 384-well plates
  • Easy plate setup and flexible software
  • Automatic rinse to prevent clogging
  • Wash without touching the well using the automatic well depth detection and crosswise aspiration selectable functions
  • Configurable to a range of microplate well types
  • Three different rinse/prime methods Safety Features
  • Manifold cover reduces aerosols
  • Emergency stop (prevents damage to the microplate)
  • Optional liquid level warnings and liquid level sensors


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Easy to Use
  • Colour-coded tube fittings
  • Pre-programmed wash cycles and plate formats
  • Manifold can be used to probe the parameters of the wells of the micoplate
Quiet Operation
  • Vacuum and pressure-free system with quiet pumps for a more peaceful lab. No warm-up time needed
  • No special wash bottles required
  • Efficient washing (<1 μL residual volume in flat bottomed plates)


  • Up to 8 cycles per procedure 
  • 20 different wash cycles can be defined including: 
    •    Bottom and overflow washing options 
    •    Adjustable dispense volume and speed 
    •    Adjustable aspiration speed and time 
    •    Adjustable soak time 
    •    Shaking (3 modes) 
  • 50 different procedures may be created by combining up to 8 previously defined wash cycles in sequence. 
  • Washing procedures can either be over the whole plate or a few strips. 
    • Overflow and bottom washing options 
    • Built-in language options of English and German 


Dispensed Volumes 50 – 2000 μL in 50 μL increments
Dispensing Precision < 5% at 300 μL across the plate
Residual Volume <1μl per well
User Interface 2 x 16 characters backlit display Keyboard with 5 function keys
Shaking 3 speeds
Microplates 96-well plates at and round bottomed (384-well plates with 16-way manifold). Fits plates with standard ANSI SBS footprint
Power Requirement 90 – 250 V, 60 VA auto-sensing, 50/60 Hz
Instrument Dimensions 21 x 44 x 21 cm (8.3 x 17.3 x 8.3 in)
Weight 8 kg (17.8 lb)


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Biochrom Asys Atlantis 2-Microplate Washer for 96-well Plates