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Priorclave has more than 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of laboratory autoclaves and has become a trusted global brand with a reputation for supplying quality-built autoclaves, offering superior reliability and affordability.

In addition to more than 60 standard laboratory autoclaves, including front and top loading designs, Priorclave is able to manufacture autoclaves to match specific requirements. Warranty cover and service agreements are all covered and Priorclave also holds UKAS accreditation as a Calibration Laboratory. Although there are many models to choose from, here is an example of the most popular.

Benchtop AutoclavesPriorclave Benchtop Autoclaves

Priorclave’s Benchtop Autoclaves are the smallest in Priorclave’s range of autoclaves and the ideal choice for laboratories seeking a benchtop steam steriliser that is extremely easy to install and simple to operate. They will appeal to laboratories with low volume requirements whilst allowing them to enjoy a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger autoclaves.

This front loading design, available with models of 40 and 60 litres capacity and including a host of features, enables laboratories to enjoy the full benefits of a feature-packed steam steriliser at an affordable price. Models in this range can be supplied for either single or multi programs as well as a choice of standard or highly efficient vacuum operation, adding further to its appeal for laboratories where space is limited, infrequent sterilisations take place or a more demanding medium requires faster processing. Extremely easy to install, these bench top autoclaves plug directly into an appropriate 13 amp socket.

Med-Capacity Rectangular Section AutoclavesPriorclave Med / High -Capacity Rectangular Section Autoclaves

Developed for high-throughput applications or to handle extra bulky items, Priorclave’s Med-Capacity Rectangular Section Autoclaves feature large rectangular chambers. In spite of the chamber sizes, these autoclaves require a relatively small floor area which enables some of the smallest laboratories to acquire a high capacity steam autoclave.

All models are castor mounted for easy positioning and they will even pass through a standard door – installation features that add to an already highly specified performance steriliser range. An integral part of the extensive safety features is the patented two hand-wheel door closure system, permitting easy, safe opening and closure of the rigid robust hinged door. This popular range of rectangular chamber Priorclaves are used extensively in many industries including food and drink, dairy, pharmaceutical agriculture, education, healthcare and research laboratories.

Higher Capacity Rectangular Section Autoclaves

With their tall and large rectangular steam sterilising chambers, Priorclave’s Higher Capacity Rectangular Section Autoclaves have become a popular choice for laboratories undertaking high-volume throughput or frequently tasked with handling taller and bulkier items. Despite the extra-large chamber these autoclaves require only a relatively small floor area.

All models are equipped with a patented large hand-wheel door closure system for easy safe opening/closing of the rigid robust hinged door. An inherent feature is the fitting of thermal and pressure lock systems to the lower hand-wheel, this prevents door opening at load temperatures above 80°C and pressures above 0.2 bar thus averting potential accidents through discharge of hot, high-pressurised steam.

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